Test Bank for Macroeconomics 11th Edition by Parkin

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For the principle of macroeconomics course. This book is also suitable for all readers interested in economics.Thoroughly updated, stripped of technical detail where possible, extensively illustrated with well-chosen photographs, enlivened with new applications features that focus on issues at play in today’s world, responsive to the suggestions of reviewers and users, and seamlessly integrated with MyEconLab: These are the hallmarks of this eleventh edition of Macroeconomics.

Parkin brings critical issues to the forefront. Each chapter begins with one of today’s key issues, and additional issues appear throughout the chapter to show the real-world applications of the theory being discussed. When the chapter concludes, readers “read between the lines” to think critically about a news article relating to the issue, demonstrating how thinking like an economist can bring a clearer perspective to and deeper understanding of today’s events. Readers will begin to think about issues the way real economists do and learn how to explore difficult policy problems and make more informed decisions in their own economic lives.

Parkin is so committed to currency that he uploads news articles almost daily to MyEconLab®, the online assessment and tutorial system that accompanies the text. Assessment questions based on the Economics in the News articles are uploaded periodically so that instructors can assign recent articles within MyEconLab. Note: If you are purchasing the standalone text or electronic version, MyEconLab does not come automatically packaged with the text. To purchase MyEconLab, please visit: www.myeconlab.com or you can purchase a package of the physical text + MyEconLab by searching the Pearson web site MyEconLab is not a self-paced technology and should only be purchased when required by an instructor.

Download Test Bank for Macroeconomics 11th Edition by Parkin

Download Test Bank for Macroeconomics 11th Edition by Parkin

Table of Content:

1. What Is Economics?
2. The Economic Problem
3. Demand and Supply
4. Measuring GDP and Economic Growth
5. Monitoring Jobs and Inflation
6. Economic Growth
7. Finance, Saving, and Investment
8. Money, the Price Level, and Inflation
9. The Exchange Rate and the Balance of Payments
10. Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
11. Expenditure Multipliers
12. Inflation, Unemployment, and the Business Cycle
13. Fiscal Policy
14. Monetary Policy
15. International Trade Policy

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Language: English
ISBN-10: 0133020258
ISBN-13: 978-0133020250
ISBN-13: 9780133020250

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